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Let's plan your Dream Trip today – Travel Tomorrow!

The rapid spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 has received intense media attention throughout the world. At LlamaTrip , we therefore understand the concerns that travelers might have with regard to visiting Peru and other destinations in South America we provide; however, as the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated, there is no need for the adoption of measures to adjust travel plans, although of course any such measures must always remain a very personal decision. We are here to help you in your future travel with Us.

We know that right now, things feel uneasy and uncertain. And more than likely your travel plans have come to a screeching halt. So – in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic. At LlamaTrip, the care and safety of all our travelers is our priority, and we remain constantly alert and in regular contact with every member of our highly-trained and experienced guiding staff and other representatives.

Not ready to commit in these uncertain times? Let's work together on a dream vacation with all the magic places in Peru and South America that you want to experience. We can save your dream itinerary and when you are ready we can get you the best price and value for your adventure. We are here to help you travel, and then later make your dream Trip come true.

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The repercussions of the global COVID-19 pandemic have come swiftly, affecting companies from all industries. The travel sector has been particularly affected, as have the plans of millions of travelers around the world, including those who have chosen LlamaTrip for their upcoming vacations.


Our objective as a LGBTQ Travel tour operator in Peru is to provide an option for travelers who have chosen our company, as well as a means to continue to collaborate within the region to ensure Peru and the Anden Rural Areas future as a desirable travel destination. It is crucial not only for our company, but for tourism itself to adapt to the post-coronavirus industry. We have carefully considered the importance of our new standards and policies.

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We have changed our booking policy to all our customers who decided to book now and take an advantage of our discount * (10%) when you book in advance with Us giving you a little more reassurance and flexibility when booking their next adventure In Peru (when the time comes)! .


To reserve your trip, we now only require a 20% deposit of the total trip cost. We understand that trying to plan your future trips in these current times can feel a bit complicated, so –  we will honor a full refund up to 60 days prior to your trip date if there is any change  in your travel details or dates!. 

So for now, relax – We´ll all get through this – and We´ll be here waiting to welcome you to Peru when it´s time to travel with Us.

We know you want to travel as soon as you can. We will be here ready to finalize your trip. 

*Discount doest not apply for domestic or international flights for any of hour packages to Peru.

To get the discount the payment has to be made my wire transfers. Payment with Credit cards will only receive 5% discount.

Other restrictions will apply 

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