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Inca Trail to Huchuy Qosco and


Machu Pichu

The Best Alternative to The Traditional Inca Trail

The Inca trail (Cápac Ñan, in Quechua language) is the name of the extended road network (more than  40,000 km or 26000 miles in total) built by the Incas to connect different parts of their vast empire. This road network linked different villages and towns from the North of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The capital and core center of this incredible network was the city of Cuzco. Nowadays, many of these trails are disappeared, deteriorated or outdated.

The Inca Trail to Huchuy Qosqo – Patabamba is the best alternative to the traditional Inca Trail. The stunning views, the flora and fauna, the impressive archeological remains that cross the clouded forests, the histories, legends and myths make this trail a life time adventure.

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Meals included: (Lunch Dinner, Snacks)

• Walking distance: Approx. 6km, 4 hours approximately

All throughout the trek, our luggage and equipment is carried by a team of mules allowing you to travel with just a



This adventure begins with a short bus ride to the community of Qorao (3450 m |11 745 ft) located in the province of Calca. This

tour begins with a slow rise to the ravine of Chimpu Orco, then to the little valley of the same name, using an old Inca trail. We will

cross-fields of potatoes, corn, Andean beans and grains such as Kiwicha, quinoa and kañiwa (or Cañihua). We will then reach the

Andean Community of Patabamba (3850m |12 631ft) where we will share a typical meal, made by the families of the community.

Patabamba, members of the community and their families will be waiting to welcome us, the group will separate and each will find

a local family who will provide food and a specially equipped room to sleep. This community is known for the quality of its textiles,

dyed with natural dyes and designs evocative of their history. In the afternoon we will go pick flowers and plants used to dye wool,

and then you will see the process of tint and treatment of the tissue and perhaps wear their colorful costumes


Meals included: (Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, Snacks)

• Walking distance: Approx. 13 km, 8 hours approximately

After saying goodbye to our families, we will walk through the Sacred Valley via a natural balcony, with an average of 2000 feet

above the valley, so the view is simply superb. You can see the towns of Calca, Lamay, Pisac and Colla, and the snow-capped

Veronica and Sawasiray Pitusiray. The road rises slowly through the community of Sihuas and then heads to the ruins of Leon Punku

(4020 | 13 188ft). At the time, it was used as a "Tambo" (place with accommodation and meals) and also a control point of inputs

and outputs of the travelers in the region.

After lunch, we will begin our descent to the archaeological site of Huchuy Qosqo (Little Cusco, 3650m |1197ft), the beautiful Inca

trail through a spectacular canyon known as Leon Punku, which has traces of three Inca bridges. Also we will observe a large number

of bromeliads and typical vegetation of the region. Through the canyon, you will see breathtaking scenery. Then the Inca trail

continues to descend to the archaeological site of Huchuy Qosqo. We will have time to explore and admire the magnificent views of

the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This archaeological complex was built during the fifteenth century; it was a ceremonial center, with

fine stones and imperial Inca style, and with many terraces. Near the archaeological site is the Andean community of Huchuy Qosqo,

where we spend the night in a local house.


Meals included: (Breakfast, Lunch , Snacks)

• Walking distance: Approx. 7 km, 3 hours approximately


 After breakfast we start to climb a distance of five kilometers. We find remains of an impressive Inca trail, spectacular scenery and

Inca archaeological remains. The climb is a friendly hike through the impressive mountain road, where we will reach the highest

point. We will also pass by two high Andean lagoons until we arrive to the Huallata Pass 4400m. (14435 Ft.). This pass carries the

same name of the mountain. A descend waits for us up to Tauca town, where we will enjoy an impressive view of the valley and the

Piuray lagoon. We will lunch in the community and continue our journey to Ollantaytambo. Finally that day we will go to Aguas


Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.34.51.png

After a good sleep we will drive to the bus station, which will lead us to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. In the morning, we will start with about 2 and a half hour visit to the Citadel accompanied by our guide. Then you will have free time to visit and explore the beauties and mysteries of the Lost City of the Incas. In the late afternoon, we will take the train and go to our hotel in Cusco. Machu Picchu ("Old Mountain") was declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 1983, and has been elected as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World since 2007. It was one of the major religious sanctuaries of the Incas. It is considered one of the most impressive and ingenious constructions of all time, which makes it probably the most popular site in Latin America.

Meals included: (Breakfast)

Includes :

 Local Guides in Included Tours:

• Guide: English and Spanish speaking guide; 2 guides for groups over 10 people During the trek

• Guide Machu Picchu Maximum 16 passengers

• Horsemen and horses: Carry tents, cooking equipment and also carry backpacks,

• Emergency Horse: Just in case someone needs help

• Horses will carry duffel bag, sleeping bag and mattress of the passenger (07 kilos per passenger) and all the camping gear



• Breakfast (02), Lunch (02), Dinner (02)



• Home-stays (02 Night)

• Hostal Aguas Calientes (01 Night)



• Transportation to and from: Hotel - Qorao

• Transportation: Tauca –†Ollantaytambo

• Train Ollantaytambo –†Aguas Calientes –†Ollantaytambo

• Bus Aguas Calientes –†Machu Picchu –†Aguas Calientes

• Transfer Ollantaytambo –†Cusco



• Huchuy Qosqo

• Machu Picchu

 Does not include:

• Meals not listed

• Optional or Extra Activities during free time

Does not Include

 • Meals not listed

 • Optional or Extra Activities during free time

 • Transfer for optional or extra activities

 • Tips

 • Items for personal use

 • Breakfast (day1) & dinner (day4)

What to bring?

 • Passport

 • Travel Insurance

 • Camera and/or Video

 • Water and wind proof Jacket

 • Sun hat or cup

 • 02 Pairs of Long trousers

 • 05 T-shirts

 • 02 Fleece tops

 • 01 Pair of Hiking Pants

 • Sun glasses

 • Bug Repellent

 • Flip Flops

Trip information

 • Grade of Difficulty: 4/6

 • Trip Style : Adventure

 • Service Level : Standard

 • Group Size: 2 –†16

 • Best time to do it: April –†November

▪ Rainy season December - March

Terms of sale

Cancellation between 60-40 days penalty of 30% of the price of the tours, if your tour has Inca trail is 100%

Cancellation between 39-20 days penalty 60% of the price of the tours, if your tour has Inca Trail is 100%

Cancellation between 19-0 days will be charged a 100% of the price of tours

(*) In the case of Inca Trail, reservations are subject to prior payment, if there is a cancellation, there are no refunds, no change of name or date.

Inca Trail to Huchuy Qosco - Machu Pichu

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