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LlamaTrip is the Peru’s first openly provider of small-group gay and lesbian experience holidays, cultural tours and jungle cruises. If you travel with friends, couples or family. All are Welcome

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OCT 4 - 11TH

Peru is one of the most popular countries to travel around in South America. People flock here to hike the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu. Vacationers devour their way through the incredible food scene of Lima. But, while those areas of the country get the most attention, the entire country is incredible and has a ton of things to see and do.

Come explore the jungles, see the Amazon, head to Lake Titicaca, or to the beaches in the north. Learn about the local indigenous culture, try the coca tea, and practice your Spanish. Eat your way through PERU.


Peru In your hands

Our fastest way to see Peru

Places to Visit : 

Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu


other destinations

nazca lines

areqquipa & colca canyon

punta del este

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puerto vallarta


Peru And it's Magic legends

Add Lake Titicaca to the the previous trip. You wont regret it!

Places to Visit : 

Lima, Puno, Lake Titicaa, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu

Peru treks

Sweat and Hike on our most popular Gay Active Tour in the Peruvian Andes






A collection of beautiful beaches, including Atenas, Las Minas, Lagunillas, Yumaque, Supay, Salinas, Mendieta and Chaco. Lagunilla has sea urchins, and visitors must be especially careful. Salinas is characterised by its strong waves.

Culinary Tours

Lima - Cusco - Arequipa

Peruvian cuisine reflects local practices and ingredients including influences from the indigenous population including the Inca and cuisines brought in with immigrants from Europe (Spanish cuisine, Italiancuisine, German cuisine), Asia (Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine) and West Africa.

Amazon Cruise


The Amazon River is famous for having the largest area of land that flows into the river and more tributaries than any other river in the world, more than 1,100 of which seventeen measure over 1,500-kilometers long. It also has the largest drainage area of any river system.

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