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Uruguay ranks as one of the most progressive countries in South America and the world.  Protections for human rights, including LGBTQ+  individuals and families, are extensive and social acceptance is high. Uruguay is a place where people come to relax and "be who they are."

Uruguay offers a change of pace to all of its visitors. Local stomping-grounds of Montevideo and Punta del Este have a more relaxed vibe, and there's no shortage of spots where you can truly escape the daily grind.  


Increasingly, tourists venture beyond the stunning coastline and head to the interior of the country to visit wineries, go horseback riding, or stay at authentic “gaucho” ranches. LGBT travelers are accepted virtually everywhere and several businesses focused on the rainbow tourist have sprung up in recent years.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Uruguay with LlamaTrip and experience a totally different way to explore the country.  We have chosen the best places to stay and activities to do during you stay by the beach, the country side, always enjoying the best wine.


Montevideo offers everything one would expect in a large city, but in a much more relaxed manner than other urban areas in the region.  In addition, Uruguay has been rated the most gay-friendly country in South America and Montevideo is home to its largest LGBT community. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2012, and it’s common to see gay couples holding hands as they stroll along the extremely popular waterfront promenade known as the Rambla, or anywhere else for that matter. 
Our hotel : Sofitel Montevideo

Punta del Este

Punta del Este, located about two hours east of Montevideo, has been an international tourist destination for decades. During the summer months (December – February), the city fills with Argentines and Brazilians enjoying their holidays. Celebrities are also known to show up at swank locales and events. During the high season, accommodations and restaurant reservations can be hard to come by, but during the rest of the year, “Punta” slows down quite a bit.   Punta del este not only is beach its also country side : horse rides, places away from the crowds o enjoy the tranquility and the best wines of the region.

Ocean and More

The Uruguayan resort of Punta del Este, the most exclusive destination in South America, has been carrying out a tourism hypersegmentation work strategy for the past year in order to attract visitors from the LGTB collective in the “luxury” category, which is increasingly reaching countries in the region, especially Argentina.

LlamaTrip offers“unique and innovative experiences” that can be lived in Uruguay’s main seaside resort, not only focused on sun and beach tourism, but also on all the transverse products offered by the city: nautical, cruises, ecotourism, haras and wineries, among others.

Our hotel : Live Boutique Hotel only for adults  - Villa Toscana

Chihuahua Beach

Playa Chihuahua is where the boys are … and a large section of it is “clothing optional.”  Chihuahua is about 20 minutes away by car from Playas Brava and Mansa and offers a great escape from the frenetic shopping and tourist activity of Punta.  

Do not miss Chihuahua Beach.  It’s one of two official nude beaches in Uruguay and is quite popular with the LGBT community.  It’s a stunning natural setting with sand dunes, a fresh water lagoon, and a wide beach. 

Our hotel : Undarius only for Men

Country Side : Horses, Wine and Relax

A sanctuary for the soul only for adults. Ideal for romance, relaxation and rejuvenation. This ranch is the ultimate destination for a luxurious escape.

With natural architecture embracing the uruguayan beautiful countryside, the private suites blend rustic elegance, comfort and privacy.

During our visit at Las Haras las Ordillas, we visited Viña Eden Bodega. Uruguay may be one of the smallest countries in South America, but it has become a big player when it comes to offering exclusive wine experiences to wine loving tourists.

Join us on a wonderful adventure around some of the stunning wine regions of this beautiful country.

But thats not all.. Uruguay also offers a great selection of Olive Oils. and we had the chance to visit Lote 8, located at the  Eden Valley. Lote 8 Olive Oil ,where nature and passion get together in a unique combination that turns its fruit into true art. 

Our hotel : Sofitel Montevideo : Haras las Ordillas

Uruguay is Gaucho

At the beginning of the 19th century, the gauchos were the “loose waiters of the campaign”, according to the reports of the time. They roamed the deserted fields of the eastern band, slaughtered horses to make their colt boots, and slaughtered other people's estates whenever they were hungry, sometimes simply to make a grilled tongue. Of course, there were no gauchos in the surroundings of the city of Maldonado, where there were not large amounts of cattle, but some fruit tree farm. They did go as far as the Carolina campaign, where the word "gaucho" was first written around 1773, according to research by Florencia Fajardo Terán. The original gaucho was a true outlaw, if not a criminal, very little given to having a fixed address or "to conch unless he needed a new shirt." This is what the chroniclers who visited the country said during the first third of the s. XIX. The figure of the gaucho was later vindicated for his contribution to the struggles for independence

Ride with Us

Maria Laura and Tu Auto Rent A Car provided us the best experience and security en transportation during our stay in Uruguay. Driving with Maria Laura and Naty made our trip unforgettable.

And a better way to appreciate what nature and men provide us in Uruguay without any extreme physical demands, there is Bike tours. Together with Alicia, we experience Punta del este in a totally new way, discovering the most important places and building around the city. There are many tours according with your party size and time. You will always feel safe riding around Punta del Este.

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